IONShield Ionizer Pendant


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Healthy air following you like a shadow.

The “Electronic Mask” IONShield pendant protects your family’s health.

Negative ions reduces fine particulate matter (PM2.5), Staphylococcus and eases allergies.

IONShield Ionizer Pendant

Introducing the IONShield, a groundbreaking air purification device designed to shield you from life’s harmful elements. Equipped with an innovative carbon brush system, this device emits negative ions into the surrounding air, effectively eliminating noxious particles within your breathing range. With each pulse, it releases an impressive 60 million negative ions, ensuring a constant supply of clean and fresh air for you to inhale.

Its compact and stylish design makes it convenient to carry, while boasting an impressive 9-hour standby time, granting you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about airborne threats. Even in the presence of secondhand smoke from friends who smoke, the IONShield remains effective. Furthermore, it enhances bodily functions and prevents unpleasant odors. The choice is clear – safeguard yourself and your loved ones with the IONShield today!


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